Enabling your digital supply chain
No more blind spots – full visibility of your supply-chain shipments
Leveraging IoT, data analytics, and AI, along with an end-to-end cloud-based service,
to enable your digital supply-chain from start to finish, regardless of who handles your goods shipments.
Make informed supply chain decisions
Accurate data and focused analysis at your service
We gather first hand information about your goods in transit, analyze it and provide targeted BI
reports and concrete insights that enable fact-based decision making, planning, and continuous improvement of business processes.
Protect your cargo with Contguard
Your cargo is safe and so is your business. Improves supply chain efficiency
Data Analysis and business intelligence using sophisticated technology
High value, high sensitivity products, such as VALUABLES - FOOD - PHARMA – AUTOMOTIVE
End to end solution
  • World wide Global Operational Network (GON)
  • Local teams provide full service & support
  • Innovative software collects & processes data 24/7
  • Alerts and real time data available via friendly user app, PC or web
  • View all real time data anywhere anytime
The Platform
  • Sophisticated CMU technology monitors your valuable cargo
  • Alerts for door opening, hits, temperature changes and deviations
  • Command & Control applications providing full communication with your cargo
  • Data analysis and business intelligence
24/7 monitoring service
  • 100% real time reliable data by GSM, GPRS & Satellite
  • Alerts sent to you using customized advanced tools
  • Our qualified staff is keeping a close eye over your most valuable cargo
  • Smart data processing & analysis
  • An advanced digital control panel
No more loss of revenue!
  • Prevents thefts and losses of revenue
  • Monitors temperature for overheating of food, medicine or chemicals
  • Improve supply chain efficiency
  • Improve reliability and business reputation
  • Cost effective reliable innovative service for business & supply chain efficiency


Global & local Services - Full Monitoring - Real time data analysis
Full security solution

A customized monitoring unit sends real time data of your cargo directly to you

The monitoring software

collects and processes the incoming data from every monitored container, day and night

Control centers

Store the information from the monitoring units, distribute it and alerts on any abnormality

Mulitplatform client interface

24hr online access allowing easy client cargo management

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Full reverse logistics

for a hands free operation, we do it for you

Supply chain management

Receive various information on the cargo via an advanced digital display

Our services

Operated by an expanding network of partners all around the globe

Contguard deployed a Global Operational Services structure in order to control the logistics process, and to provide a 24 hours customer service

  • "Glocal" Service - Global operation with Local service - A global network of local teams in the relevant time zone and language, providing full support ,and guidance for operating the devices.
  • Customized & predefined CMUs for your cargo, for fast and easy operation
  • We deliver and collect the monitoring units to and from any location around the world.
  • Advanced CMS providing 24/7 data visibility, analysis and reports
  • Supply chain management efficiency, visibility and valuable data processing, reports & display.
  • Multi platform real time data - Available data by PC, email, Smartphone app by an advanced user friendly interface
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Our Platform

Sophisticated monitoring & Control technology for unique Innovative Service

Contguard’s CMUs are the leading GPS tracking and monitoring devices on the market today

Unique features developed specifically for the maritime tracking industry:

  • Smart: Mounted externally on the container, transmits vita data via GSM, GPRS & Satellite
  • Worldwide coverage support: 2G, 3G, 4G roaming
  • Wide array of parameters: Location, temperature, door opening, geo fences, container breaching, route deviation, accident and harsh braking detector.
  • Main features: Light weight, easy installation and long battery life
  • Certificates: Carries all relevant international certificates - FCC, CE, RoHS, GS, E1
  • Rugged and reliable: Has passed all environmental and conditional tests.


Contguard is a leading global provider of shipment monitoring and business intelligence services to companies shipping materials, components and products globally. Leveraging IoT, data analytics, and AI, along with an end-to-end cloud-based service, we are a key enabler of the digital supply-chain.

  • The Contguard Monitoring unit installed on maritime containers transmit the information required to track and monitor the cargo’s whereabouts across the globe. This allows us to provide clients with important information that saves on resources and delivers real-time information on the cargo.
  • Contguard uses advanced technology to deliver critical information precisely where it is needed 24/7. In today’s world, with the increasing demand for goods and raw materials, many organizations potentially need this valuable information on a regular basis. Having this information will allow them to save unnecessary expenses and maximize supply chain efficiency.
  • Many of our clients come from the defense & security, pharmaceuticals, food, and other sensitive industries that demand full 24/7 control over their sensitive cargo.
  • Contguard specializes in delivering top quality service to shipping lines and freight forwarders who are seeking to provide full cargo control to their clients using high-end technological advanced solutions.
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Contguard - Real time information solutions
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