Contguard enables enterprises end-to-end digital management of their entire supply chain with unparalleled visibility and control of goods-in-transit
We use IoT-based cargo data and AI to provide real-time and actionable insights for better business decisions and maximum supply chain efficiency

Optimizing Logistics

By Benchmarking and Reducing Excess Charges

Better Planning of Inventory

By Reducing Inventory in Transit and Safety Stock

Reduce Production Costs

By Enabling Just-In-Time Production

Protect Market Share and Brand Equity

By Minimizing Lost Sales, Reducing Quality and Security Incidents and Losses

See how it’s done

One platform
     One Single Source of Truth

Contguard’s Actionable Insights

Helps Reducing Excess Charges for Demurrage and Detention
Brings Deep Understanding of Quality Issues

Contguard’s BI Tool

Provides the ability to analyze, benchmark and improve route performance over time, by easily identifying exceptions and improvement areas

Track and Monitor
Any Cargo

Reefer Container, Dry Container, Crate


Global Service Network Always-On IoT Devices

Any shipper

Agnostic to Service Provider Cargo Train, Truck, Ship, Plane

Any risk

Real-Time Alerts on Delays, Temperature, Humidity, Theft, Impacts

Learn how monitoring your goods in transit can change how you manage your supply chain

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