By measuring and analyzing performance KPIs in your supply chain relating to efficiency, quality, and security, our solution can help you find underlying issues and opportunities for improvement.

For example, by analyzing average lead times along your shipment routes, our solution enables you to pinpoint locations (e.g, ports) with the longest delays, find the fastest and most efficient routes (or identify alternate routes), and investigate where and why suspected security violations have occurred.

Our analytics solution also enables better planning going forward, helping you to reduce lead times and delays, and increase operational and logistic efficiency, which in turn results in lower costs (like demurrage and detention) and faster time-to-market for your goods.

In addition, Contguard partners with several insurance companies that offer significant benefits to customers using our solutions. In the event of a security or quality issue, our analytics solution can help customers investigate and analyze the incident, simplifying the claims process.


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