Integrating Innovation in the Supply Chain of Automotive Brands

Innovation drives the world forward – and the ones who need to put the pedal to the metal are the automotive brands.

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As talk of autonomous cars dominates the scene, many automotive brands focus on outward facing innovation that is consumer focused. While this is important, automotive brands looking to reduce overall costs and improve operations need to consider integrating innovative tools in their operations.

Connecting the Car Parts

As many automotive operations managers know, when talking about the creation of a car, there is a very delicate and highly choreographed dance the parts undergo that spans across the entire world. 

While the idea for the car may hail from one place, the expert team that built the engine may be in another place, the parts needed to create the engine may come from a dozen other places, the material may need to be sourced in one place, treated in another and cut in a third, and so on.

What this means is that before the product reaches the hands of the consumer, it’s parts must be gathered, collected, put together and shipped – and the company needs to know where every part is every step of the way in order to ensure smooth operations and avoid delivery delays. Having gaping holes in knowledge can create delays, impact further production and lead to a deterioration of brand perception in the eyes of the consumers.

The need to know where cargo is at all times is not reserved only to the various parts that come from various vendors.  Even when transferring products between the company owned factories, there is an increasing need to rely on third party solutions to transport the goods, and that is where companies need to focus innovation on.

The question is – how to keep track of everything at once (don’t worry – we have the solution below!)

Bringing the Black-Hole with Innovation

One of the simplest ways automotive brands can improve their ability to control the various elements that go into creating their cars is by integrating innovation in the operational level.  What this means specifically is the use of independent and smart monitoring tools to ensure smooth delivery of their goods at all times.

While the benefactors of smart monitoring solutions tend to be the supply chain managers, the ones who need to push forward the integration of new technologies are often the Innovation managers since they are able to recognize firsthand the immediate improvement operational savings can have on the bottom line.

Smart monitoring solutions go beyond simply tracking containers, and as a result, have increased ways in which they can improve the efficiency of a company and the overall ROI. By integrating smart BI tools to monitor cargo, automotive companies can maintain optimal inventory of materials, better manage material oversight, orchestrate distribution and more.  As a result of the tremendous impact it can have on a company, integrating smart monitoring tools has become a necessity for many companies – especially automotive ones.

The Contguard monitoring solution is the perfect choice for automotive brands looking to integrate innovation that impacts the global supply chain management by overseeing temperature, humidity, quality, and security of cargo while simultaneously improving ROI. 

Beyond offering companies the chance to get a transparent view of the location of their cargo through a user-friendly dashboard view that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere, Contguard offers automotive brands the chance to enjoy better data analysis and business intelligence solutions.

The Contguard team leverages the powerful BI capabilities of the smart monitoring solution and the advanced technologies and expertise automotive companies have at their possession in order to bring together a solution that is comprehensive and long lasting.

To learn more about how Contguard can help your automotive brand improve operations through the integration of smart monitoring innovation, contact us today at

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