• Secure your product in transit
  • Reduce logistics costs
  • Improve supply chain performance
  • Strengthen brand reputation

Stabilize your supply chain


When shipping pharmaceuticals, stability is essential for quality assurance. Many medications are time-sensitive or temperature-reliant, and are held to strict standards by the FDA, PDMA, CE and DEA.

Our BI insights provide product quality and compliance assurance, with security built-in at every stage of the supply chain.

The system also provides historical baselines to benchmark the metrics that make a difference.


Contguard’s solutions help ensure maximum quality assurance at every point in the Pharma supply chain


Preventive monitoring: Clients can monitor temperature, humidity and impact for optimal quality assurance, and in order to document FDA, PDMA, CE and DEA compliance

Improved logistics: Accurate, real-time insights enable proactive troubleshooting, rather than after the fact, as well as reducing waste and managing inventory, working towards Just in Time production

Quality assurance: Forensic evidence can help analyze problems and improve performance. The system also provides historical baselines to benchmark the metrics that make a difference.


Did you know?


  • By 2021, 20% of the top manufacturers will depend on IoT and cognitive systems to automate large-scale processes, and accelerate execution times by up to 25%
  • The growth of temperature-controlled products is continuing at more than double the rate of non-temperature-controlled products
  • Cold chain logistics represents 16.7% of overall pharma logistics spend
  • Greater public scrutiny and tougher environmental controls and regulations will oblige companies to strategically reassess their supply chain approach

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