• Secure your product in transit
  • Reduce logistics costs
  • Improve supply chain performance
  • Strengthen brand reputation

Boost end-to-end visibility


Consumers expect top-quality, fresh food and beverages.

Our clients can improve customer satisfaction by controlling every stage of their supply chain, including real-time insight into the location of food and beverage cargo, as well as temperature, humidity, impacts and more.


Contguard’s solutions help track and monitor quality, while maximizing productivity and efficiency


Manage inventory: Real-time Business Intelligence helps clients maximize productivity and minimize waste

Optimize quality control: Accurate tracking of temperature/humidity ensures health and safety for the end consumer, and seamless documentation for regulatory compliance

Double down on security: Minimize theft and tampering by tracking metrics such as door open/close and recording forensic evidence of all incidents that occur in-transit


Did you know?


  • The direct and indirect costs of food-borne illnesses stands at more than $55.5 billion in the United States alone
  • 18% of mid sized companies indicated that they had been involved in recalls with estimated costs between $30 million and $99 million each
  • 84% of supply chain professionals believe that big data and analytics will be “disruptive and important” to supply chain strategy

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