• Secure your product in transit
  • Reduce logistics costs
  • Improve supply chain performance
  • Strengthen brand reputation

Out-of-this-world logistics


Defense and aerospace is one of the fastest growing industries today.

Our BI insights make it easy to take control of the supply chain for sensitive cargo, measuring the critical variables in an intricate environment.

Contguard offers 24/7 monitoring and visibility for highly sensitive cargo, enabling proactive and strategic decision-making.


Enable strategic decision-making: Monitor hand-offs in a supply chain with dozens of touch points. Adapt to market changes by bench marking vendors and suppliers, and adopting the latest technology

Handle production fluctuations: Prepare for parts shortages, re-workings, out of sequence activity, and defects, and handle overtime with seamless communication from one centralized dashboard

Meet extraordinary challenges: Highly sensitive cargo needs 24/7 monitoring and visibility. Contguard has its clients covered when transporting explosives, chemicals, military equipment and more


Did you know?


  • A&D accounted for 9% of all U.S. exports in domestic goods and is the nation’s third-largest export industry
  • Global defense sector revenues recorded a 3.9% increase as defense spending continues to rise across the globe
  • The commercial aircraft order backlog is at its peak of more than 14,000, with about 38,000 aircraft expected to be produced globally over the next 20 years

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