• Secure your product in transit
  • Reduce logistics costs
  • Improve supply chain performance
  • Strengthen brand reputation

Ensure your cargo arrives on time, in perfect condition


When shipping automotive cargo, you need to be able to track and monitor massive shipments every month.

Lack of visibility into the supply chain makes this difficult, so that identifying and solving logistics and security issues along the shipment route can be almost impossible.

That’s why Contguard’s ability and expertise in providing insights – based on our solution’s data analysis – provides such enormous value to our automotive customers.


Contguard’s solutions help ensure the safety and security of your valuable cargo at every point in the supply chain


Maximize quality control: Customers receive immediate alerts if a container is subject to any sort of impact. This includes the force of the impact (weak or strong), as well as the time and location where it occurred.

Increase security: Our solution helps mitigate security risks, alerting our customers to suspicious route deviations as well as unauthorized container breaches.

Optimize logistics efficiency: Our advanced analytics and insights identify both efficient and choke points along your shipping routes, allowing you to take advantage of opportunities and proactively deal with issues.


Did you know?


  • Insurance companies are increasingly relying on IoT data to improve their precision in assessing risk, pricing policies, and estimating necessary reserve
  • Increased demand for automobiles due to emerging economies in Asia, Latin America and Africa are resulting in new ports and shipment routes across the globe
  • E-commerce giants like Amazon have changed consumer expectations, even for large purchases like vehicles, requiring faster delivery of goods.


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