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Companies that want to have some kind of control over their products while in transit have a choice – either select a cargo monitoring solution that provides real-time information and alerts on the condition of their goods, no matter where they are, or settle for logs that record and release information upon arrival at a destination. For companies that need control over their supply chain– there is no question; having real-time cargo monitoring is crucial.

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Improve Crisis Prevention and Management

For companies that want to avoid a crisis, better manage the emergency situation, take the right decision or at least improve their ability to quickly respond to it, having a cargo monitoring solution that provides real-time alerts is critical to crisis prevention and management.

If a cargo container is compromised, whether temperature or humidity has risen above set parameter, the container door was open in an unauthorized area or cargo was hit (impact), knowing in real-time can improve a company’s ability to respond swiftly.  Companies that rely on information once the goods arrive at a port miss, as a result, valuable reaction time that could reduce the overall damage the crisis has caused.

Having real-time monitoring can also prevent a crisis if the issue concerns a delay or damage rather than theft. If a container is being delayed or goods are damaged by temperature deviation for instance, companies that know this information in real-time can begin their contingency plan immediately, thereby reducing the potential impact it could have on their overall operations as well as protect their reputation with their customers. Instead of waiting until the goods arrive at a port to discover that they have been damaged, logistics and supply chain manager can activate contingency plans sooner rather than later. 

Pharma companies for example, that are heavily targeted by theft and cannot risk their product not being available to consumers have to be able to respond immediately if a crisis takes place in order to minimize the damage in the long run – something that can only be done with cargo monitoring solution that provides real-time alerts. Knowing of a cargo delay or other problem in real-time reduces the high logistics cost of having to use expedited air freight and fly out emergency shipments. Companies whose goods are perishable or temperature sensitive for example, can reduce a great deal of worry by having real-time alerts on the condition of their goods. For those who maintain a lean production strategy and only ship enough to meet demand can therefore quicken the time it takes to orchestrate an additional shipment, thereby improving their supply chain management control as well as ensuring their operations continue running smoothly.

Enhance Supply Chain Management Capabilities

By planning and controlling the web of global goods transportation, companies can improve their supply chain management, reduce costs associated with mismanagement of inventory and improve overall operational effectiveness.

In addition to helping companies manage crisis situations or react quickly to issues that may impact their goods, having a real-time cargo monitoring solution is a powerful way to improve the supply chain management overall. 

When your cargo monitoring solution offers real-time data and analytics, the ability to improve the supply chain is enhanced since your team can make decisions based on observable issues and patterns. Predictive analysis is built on these observations and patterns. For example, if a pharmaceutical company knows ahead of time that their container was opened en-route and know from observed pattern that the container will be subject to additional inspection upon arrival at their port of destination, they already know that they need to plan the management of the delivery of goods accordingly, improving the entire supply chain process and streamlining operations.

Real-time cargo monitoring also simplifies management capabilities by providing an added layer of visibility into the competency and accuracy of the information provided by third parties.  Also, by having an independent cargo monitoring solution that relays information in real-time about events, companies can confirm if the information they have on their cargo in transit is accurate, and if they find discrepancies, can react accordingly. 

The Answer is Always Real-Time

Simply put, companies that manage goods in transit as part of their inventory want to improve operational management, reduce costs and enhance ability to react to situations as they arise need to know what is going on with their cargo every step of the way. Having a smart cargo monitoring solution such as Contguard, that provides real-time and accurate information is the only way to ensure you always know where your cargo is and how it is being handled.

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