Cargo Crimes Are Up in EMEA

argo theft in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region continued its upward trend in 2016. According to the Transported Asset Protection Association’s (TAPA) recent newsletter, all 11 months of 2016 from January to November, recorded a year-on-year increase in crime rates. It ranged from the lowest 56% in November to the highest 265.3% in July, based on data gathered by TAPA’s Incident Information Service (IIS).

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The latest record which was for November 2016 revealed freight losses in 15 countries recording cargo crimes in EMEA. Of the 43.3% of crimes with values declared, a total of €6,035,986 loss was registered.

Ten of the major crimes worth €100,000 or more occurred in the UK, Moscow and Germany. It involved the loss of computers/laptops, caviar, perfumes, music equipment, televisions, whiskey and wine, and circular saws. Moreover, of the 15 countries in EMEA, the UK, Netherlands, Germany and Sweden reported 10 or more theft incidents. As for product category, food and drinks had 16 incidents, and computer/laptops had 14.

Among the reported crimes, cargo theft occurred the most in unknown locations with 74 incidents. It was followed by in unsecured parking (71), road transportation facility (36), and theft from trailer (27). As for the modus operandi, intrusion was the most prevalent type with 154 incidents.

In a recent article, TAPA EMEA chairman, Thorsten Neumann said that “The growth in the number of recorded cargo crimes is an industry-wide problem and using intelligence is the best possible way to avoid becoming a victim.”

There is no easier way to prevent cargo theft than monitoring your cargo during shipping. At ContGuard, we provide real time tracking, data, and security whether by land, sea or air. We help you know where your cargo is anytime, whether it was opened or even damaged.

Cargo theft is on the rise globally, and any unauthorized opening of your precious cargo triggers an alert in real time. Real time alerts provide you with 24/7 piece of mind, as well as full monitoring support. Other alerts include radical temperature and humidity changes. ContGuard provides you with online monitoring via the worldwide web and smartphone app.

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By using ContGuard’s monitoring and security solutions, we can lower your risk of theft, reduce insurance premiums, and provide full visibility. ContGuard provides valuable unique data to enable analysis and help streamline the supply chain.

Operating globally, ContGuard enables its clients to react to various situations. This valuable information allows all personnel within the organization not be left in the dark!

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